Information Board in Bank Park

Sunday 4th December, 2016

FoWTB are pleased to announce that after working closely with Warrington Borough Council, we now have an information board about the bridge in a prominent location within Bank Park!

We held a brief ceremony on a bitterly cold afternoon in Bank Park on Saturday 26th November, where the information board was unveiled by two former Crosfield Employees - Arthur Jones, who was Civil Project Engineer for the company, and Geoff Gleave, who used to service the electrics on the bridge - and our youngest supporter William Barker, aged just 14 months!

Warrington Transporter Bridge Warrington Transporter Bridge

Here is the moment the information board was unveiled...

...after which we all retreated into the warmth of the Gallery Cafe at Bank Quay House for tea/coffee and cake (the coffee is amazing from there!)

As well as the information board, the Council also very kindly approved an additional fingerpost pointing in the general direction of the bridge!

Warrington Transporter Bridge Warrington Transporter Bridge

Meeting with Warrington Borough Council

Friday 15th April, 2016

Another meeting was held with WBC on 26 February, 2016. A summary of the matters agreed follows:

  • The next bridge survey and remedial work on the brickwork will be completed during the 1st quarter of the 2016/2017 Financial Year. The trees growing out of the stanchions will be removed as part of the pre-inspection work.
  • The fingerposts and notice board in Bank Park and the signpost at the bottom of Slutchers Lane will be organised after April 2016 and they will be in place before the Centenary Event on 18/9/2016.
  • Centenary Day: Due to lack of funds by FoWTB and difficulty picking a suitable alternative date, the celebration will be merged with Warrington Festival and will take place on Sunday 18 September as part of the organised events taking place on Bank park during the running of the English Half Marathon.
  • Margaret Ingham confirmed that the bridge did not win the North West Heritage Award, (Institution of Civil Engineers) but that it did gain in support through being nominated. It was out voted by Blackpool Tower.

  • Towpath Talk

    Thursday 7th April, 2016

    Warrington Transporter Bridge was featured in Issue 125 March 2016 of Towpath Talk, the UK's Number ONE read for all waterways users!

    Warrington Transporter Bridge

    The full article can be read on the Towpath Talk website

    Many thanks to Harry Arnold at WATERWAY IMAGES for the superb article and photographs.

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    Wednesday 17th June, 2015

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    Tasty ale sponsored on behalf of FOWTB

    A Model of the newly re-opened La Boca Bridge. It will be on display at the Warrington Model Engineering Show at the Collegiate next week

    A model of the Rochefort Bridge brought back from Argentina

    Frank Hill shared a photo
    1 week ago

    Charity abseiling on a well know bridge in South Wales.
    Warrington marked in the map!

    Some shots of the la Boca bridge on the day before it reopened.

    Some interesting photos of the Tees Transporter Bridge from our committee member posting as MRIAS.

    The Chairman and Treasurer of FOWTB at the re-opening of the restored Buenos Aires Transporter Bridge following the World Transporter Bridges Association Conference. All at our own expense, no money from FOWTB or Warrington Borough Council, we decided to treat ourselves to an adventure and it did not disappoint. More to follow.

    A poster for Crosfields showing the first transporter bridge.

    Our Sister bridge in Newport is receiving support from Newport County. Perhaps we should encourage Warrington Wolves and Warrington Town to support us?