Giant Hogweed

Sunday 3rd May, 2021

Unfortunately, Giant Hogweed is once again growing on the riverbank near to the bridge, therefore WE STRONGLY ADVISE AGAINST FOLLOWING THE ROUTE VIA SLUTCHERS LANE. We recommend that between March and September, visitors to the bridge should only follow the route through the works. Click here to see this route in detail.

Warrington Transporter Bridge

Free Talks - Two English Transporter Bridges

Monday 10th June, 2019

The free evening talks have been set up specifically for 'Friends' however everyone is welcome. Those of you who belong to local History or Transport Societies may already have heard Margaret Ingham speak about the Bridge so we have added a talk about the Tees Transporter Bridge from Dr.Tosh Warwick to encourage you to attend. The Warrington Bridge will be first then after the interval, when you can ask questions, pick up leaflets or buy postcards, Tosh will tell us about our sister bridge in the North East.

As space is limited it is essential that you let us know that you are attending so please either email us or register via our Facebook page Event or via Eventbrite.

Please attend if you can and bring some like minded friends with you, we look forward to seeing you at the Talks

Warrington Transporter Bridge

Historical Photos of the bridge

Friday 1st June, 2018

Sadly, there are very few historical photos of Warrington Transporter Bridge - however, with the kind permission of Unilever, FoWTB are able to show you the following two historical photos of the bridge from the Unilever archives!

If anybody has any other historical photos of the bridge, please send them to us - we would love to see them and share them on the website!

Warrington Transporter Bridge
This photo shows the gondola carrying a rail carriage across in May 1920.
Photo produced with kind permission of Unilever from original in Unilever archives.

Warrington Transporter Bridge
This photo shows the gondola carrying a rail carriage across from the peninsula in 1928.
Photo produced with kind permission of Unilever from original in Unilever archives.

Meeting of the World Association of Transporter Bridges

Sunday 26th November, 2017

Alan Ratcliffe and Margaret Ingham were invited to attend the Meeting of the World Association of Transporter Bridges in Buenos Aires as part of the celebrations of the re-opening of the La Boca transporter bridge. This is in a very poor part of the city near the Bombonera Football Stadium where Maradona played. It was an expensive (for us, not FoWTB) and a most inspiring and challenging visit.

The representatives of the bridges signed a declaration that they would approach their local and central governments to progress the remaining bridges to follow the lead of the Vizcaya bridge in Spain to become UNESCO World Heritage sites.

I gave a talk to the Congress about our bridge and they were shocked at its state of repair. Our bridge is now the only one in the world that is not operational. However, the recent Engineer's Report commissioned by WBC shows that it still has potential for restoration, should finance be found.

To my great delight, the full council meeting on October 16th has endorsed an all party motion to take forward to the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport our aspirations for our bridge, together with those in Middlesbrough and Newport.

The process to produce a case for World Heritage status for the remaining seven bridges will take time and a great deal of international cooperation but it is good to have taken the first step. FOWTB hope that this will encourage companies to come forward to assist in the work to preserve and even possibly restore our unique rail transporter bridge.

Warrington Transporter Bridge Warrington Transporter Bridge

Information Board in Bank Park

Sunday 4th December, 2016

FoWTB are pleased to announce that after working closely with Warrington Borough Council, we now have an information board about the bridge in a prominent location within Bank Park!

We held a brief ceremony on a bitterly cold afternoon in Bank Park on Saturday 26th November, where the information board was unveiled by two former Crosfield Employees - Arthur Jones, who was Civil Project Engineer for the company, and Geoff Gleave, who used to service the electrics on the bridge - and our youngest supporter William Barker, aged just 14 months!

Warrington Transporter Bridge Warrington Transporter Bridge

Here is the moment the information board was unveiled...

...after which we all retreated into the warmth of the Gallery Cafe at Bank Quay House for tea/coffee and cake (the coffee is amazing from there!)

As well as the information board, the Council also very kindly approved an additional fingerpost pointing in the general direction of the bridge!

Warrington Transporter Bridge Warrington Transporter Bridge

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