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Tees Transporter Bridge (Middlesbrough), England

The Tees Transporter Bridge in Middlesbrough has a span of 590ft (180m) and a total length of 851ft (259m). The bridge has been closed since August 2019 whilst options for repair works, maintenance and future operation are considered by the Council.

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Newport Transporter Bridge, Wales

The Newport Transporter Bridge crosses the River Usk and has a span of 645ft (197m) and a total length of 774ft (236m). The bridge is closed until 2023 as a major project to refurbish the bridge and build a new visitor centre is currently underway.

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Osten Transporter Bridge, Germany

The bridge has a 260ft (80m) span across the River Oste. It was in regular use until 1974 but is now only used as a tourist attraction, operating regularly between April and October and by appointment only between November and March.

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Rendsburg High Bridge, Germany

The Rendsburg High Bridge is a 460ft (140m) span Transporter Bridge and is unique in design as it is two bridges in one - a railway crosses the bridge on the top span and the gondola is suspended below.

The gondola was destroyed in a collision with a ship in 2016, but is scheduled to be replaced in 2021.

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Rochefort-Martrou Transporter Bridge, France

The bridge has a span of 459ft (140m) and a total length of 574ft (175m). It operated from 1900 to 1967, however it was refurbished in 1994 and is now open to pedestrians and cyclists between April and October.

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Vizcaya Bridge, Spain

The mother of all Transporter Bridges - the first Transporter Bridge ever built, the Vizcaya Bridge opened in 1893 and is still in use 24/7 today! It was badly damaged in 1937 during the Spanish Civil War when a massive explosion blew the crossbeam into the water below. The bridge was reconstructed and reopened in 1941.

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La Boca Transporter Bridge, Buenos Aires, Argentina

The only existing Transporter Bridge outside of Europe, the La Boca bridge was in use from 1915 to 1960 when it ceased operating and fell into disrepair. Thankfully, plans to dismantle it in the 1990s were cancelled and the bridge was restored and reopened in 2017.

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Wikipedia - Transporter Bridges

Interesting read about the history of Transporter Bridges, which bridges are still surviving and in use, and bridges that have sadly been demolished.

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The World Association of Transporter Bridges

Fabulous interactive map of the world that you can spin around to show the location of the remaining 8 Transporter Bridges - click a location to find out more!

The World Association of Transporter Bridges

Heritage Sites

European Route of Industrial Heritage

The European Route of Industrial Heritage is a tourism information network of industrial heritage in Europe. It currently represents more than 1,000 sites in 44 European countries. Among these sites there are 80 Anchor Points which build the virtual ERIH main route. On seventeen Regional Routes you can discover the industrial history of these landscapes in detail.

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The Cement Plant at Crosfields

Crosfields Cement Plant

Warrington Transporter Bridge was built to despatch finished product from the cement plant that had been built on the peninsula across the Mersey into the company's railway sidings and onto the West Coast Main Line. The cement plant opened in 1907 and closed in 1929.

Cement Kilns website


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